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Movement patterns and their embedding spaces

Movement patterns allow the structuring of large volumes of movement data. My research on movement pattern analysis aims to define, conceptualize and detect patterns in movement data.

More on 'Computational Movement Analysis' can be found in my new book chapter in the Springer Handbook of Geographic Information [link].

Eine Einführung in raumzeitliches Data Mining als Werkzeug der Bewegungsanalyse findet sich hier (auf Deutsch).


Patrick graduated in Geography from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, specializing in geographical information science, remote sensing, and physical geography. Patrick worked at the Spatial Analysis Facility at the University of Auckland, New Zealand (2005-2006), at the GeoVISTA Center at Penn State University, PA, USA (2006), and at the Geomatics Department, The University of Melbourne, Australia (2007-2009). Since mid 2009 he is back in Zurich, where he holds a research and teaching position and leads the GIS division's Environmental Geoinformatics group.

Research Interests

Patrick’s overarching research interest is the processing of spatio-temporal information aiming at a better understanding of the dynamics in natural and built environments. Patrick is working on the fundamentials of Computational Movement Analysis. He has worked on the formalization and detection of generic movement patterns (such as flock, trendsetter, leadfership). Patrick has furthermore investigated movement patterns in dynamic geosensor networks and has developed concepts and algorithms for decentralized spatial computing. Research in the Environmental Geoinformatics group addresses Context-Aware Movement Analysis and Ecosystem Services.

Environmental Geoinformatics Group

Environmental applications of GIS have a long history and form a key focus of the GIS unit. Protected areas form an important interface between society and nature, and therefore offer interesting opportunities for environmental education and awareness building among the general public. We have been involved in planning and implementing GIS strategies and facilities for several protected areas, such as the Swiss National Park and Naturlandschaft Sihlwald. Current research explores the development of analysis techniques for movement data and ecosystem services provided by protected areas.

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Patrick is teaching on undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. Currently, he is involved in the following classes:


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Patrick Laube
Patrick Laube
Geographic Information Systems Division, Department of Geography, University of Zurich.
Leader of the Environmental Geoinformatics group [Link]

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