Accepted Papers

Geocoding Textual Documents Through the Usage of Hierarchical Classifiers
Bruno Martins and Fernando Melo

Spatial Characteristics of a large Web N-gram Corpus
Jerome Sautier and Curdin Derungs

Towards Contextualized Models of Spatial Relations
Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Alexander Klippel and Morteza Karimzadeh

Expanding the Utility of Geospatial Knowledge Bases by Linking Concepts to WikiText and Polygonal Boundaries
Bruno Martins, Francisco J. López-Pellicer and Dirk Ahlers

The Wikipedia Location Network - Overcoming Borders and Oceans
Johanna Geiß, Andreas Spitz, Jannik Strötgen and Michael Gertz

Geographic Information Extraction, Disambiguation and Ranking Techniques
Yisleidy Linares Zaila and Danilo Montesi

Geographical Address Classification without using Geolocation Coordinates
Ravindra Babu Tallamraju, Abhranil Chatterjee, Shivram Khandeparker, Vamsi Subhash Achanta and Sawan Gupta

Towards an unbiased approach for the evaluation of social data geolocation
Carlo Bernaschina, Ilio Catallo, Eleonora Ciceri, Roman Fedorov and Piero Fraternali

Geocoding place names from historic route descriptions
Daniel Blank and Andreas Henrich

Linked Data for toponym linking in French Literary texts
Carmen Brando, Francesca Frontini and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

A Multi-Layer Markup Language for Geospatial Semantic annotations
Ludovic Moncla and Mauro Gaio

Tagging of temporal expressions and geological features in scienti?c articles
Johannes Leveling

Handling Shape Variations in Geographical Distance Rankings For Local News Recommendation
Jon Espen Ingvaldsen and Dirk Ahlers

TEXTOMAP : determining geographical window for texts
Geoffrey Brun, Catherine Dominguès and Marie-Dominique Van Damme

Granularity and Related Qualitative Concepts for GIR
Dirk Ahlers

Synthesis of Partial Rankings of Points of Interest Using Crowdsourcing
Ilkcan Keles, Simonas Saltenis and Christian S. Jensen

Spatial Role Labeling with Convolutional Neural Networks
Alexey Mazalov, Bruno Martins and David Matos