Workshop on semantic information in geosocial data for the mobile age

This workshop aims to bring together a set of researchers, and generate a set of publications that contribute to open, transparent use of semantics embedded in geosocial and other data for helping mobile users in their decision-making. Using real-world large datasets, contributions should demonstrate methods and approaches that enable or implement the use of embedded semantics in concrete location-based services. At the same time, the analytical approach needs to be anchored in our existing body of knowledge on theories and methods. The workshop, and associated special issue are primarily focused on geographic information from publicly accessible datasets, contributed by a wide user base in order to mitigate problems of privacy, reproducibility, and user bias. All approaches, be they computational, visual, and/or collaborative, are welcome. However, we discourage contributions which narrowly focus on a particular method without discussing the problem addressed and the significance and impact of the results achieved. Contributions from multidisciplinary teams are especially encouraged. We expect contributions to address research questions from the domains of urban studies, human and environmental geography, planning, economics, and transportation sciences, but are open to submissions from other fields.

The workshop will be held at the University of Zurich in Switzerland on 21-22nd September 2017.

Please contact one of the workshop chairs if you require further information:
Andrea Ballatore, Birkbeck, University of London
Frank Ostermann, University of Twente
Ross Purves, University of Zurich