11 papers have been accepted for this year's workshop. We are also delighted to announce that Christian Jensen will give a keynote talk at the workshop. The full workshop programme is available here.

Workshop registration is 75 Euros, and can be undertaken online here.
Local information about the venue is available here.

The 11th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval will be held in Heidelberg, Germany from the 30th November to 1st December 2017. This workshop will address all aspects of Geographic Information Retrieval - such as the provision of methods to identify geographic scope, retrieve and relevance rank documents or other resources from both unstructured and partially structured collections on the basis of queries specifying both theme and geographic scope.

Accepted papers
Armel Fotsoh, Christian Sallaberry and Annig Le Parc - Lacayrelle. Named entity similarity computation: The case of social event entities

Dirk Ahlers. Traversing Linked Geospatial Data -- GeoNames in the Semantic Web

Adrien Barbaresi. Towards a toolbox for geocoding, disambiguation and mapping

Benedikt Budig and Thomas C. Van Dijk. Journeys of the Past: A Hidden Markov Approach to Georeferencing Historical Itineraries

Diedrich Wolter, Andreas Henrich and Daniel Blank. Georeferencing River Networks Using Spatial Reasoning

Rui Santos, Patricia Murrieta-Flores and Bruno Martins. An Automated Approach for Geocoding Tabular Itineraries

Andreas Spitz, Gloria Feher and Michael Gertz. Extracting Descriptions of Location Relations from Implicit Textual Networks

Madiha Yousaf and Diedrich Wolter. Spatial Information Extraction from Natural language Place Description for Incorporating Contextual Variables

Masoumeh Seydi, Maxim Romanov and Chiara Palladino. Premodern Geographical Description: Data Retrieval and Identification

Eliezer de Souza Da Silva and Dirk Ahlers. Factorization Models for Spatiotemporal Retrieval

Elise Acheson, Julia Villette, Michele Volpi and Ross Purves. Gazetteer matching for natural features in Switzerland

Please contact one of us if you require further information:
Ross Purves, University of Zurich
Chris Jones, Cardiff University